You may have noticed that Geoff hasn’t been around this week. Geoff is taking about a six month sabbatical from King Lighting. From the time he was a young man he’s felt he had a greater calling to serve his family and our country. He enlisted in the National Guard and has headed off to basic training and then officer candidate school afterwards. While we will miss Geoff in his absence, we can’t emphasize enough how proud we are of him for his willingness to put his country ahead of his personal aspirations.


After a year long engagement elsewhere, David has rejoined the team. David will be heading up our quotes team in Florence, as well as managing projects.
He can be reached via phone at (859) 261-5511
His email is the same :

Please join us in welcoming David home.


The moving on of an Icon

It is with deeply mixed emotions that we tell you Mike O’Ryan has announced his retirement. Mike came to King Lighting from Graybar Electric in 1982. He and Gary Harmeling eventually purchased the company from the founders youngest son, Dave, in 1992. Mike has been at the helm ever since. He has led us through our transition to Cooper Lighting, our growth from 7 employees to 20+, our expansion into the Toledo market, and thusly our subsequent move to Acuity Brands. He nurtured and grew our business with The Kroger Company, for many years. He has overseen the day-to-day operations of our business, the multiple relocations of our offices, and the multitude of personnel additions. While all of this has been critical to the success of King Lighting, it pales in comparison to the impact he’s had on us as individuals.  He’s mentored us, consoled us, and most importantly, befriended us. The longevity of our employees is directly attributable to his leadership. While we have no misconceptions that we can replace him, we take great pride in the fact that he’s leaving a living legacy that will continue what was started when he joined our family.
Mike and Kris will be splitting their time between Florida and their home in Kentucky. They’ll be spending a lot of it spoiling their grandchildren and traveling.




Jodi Doll-Bowling joined King Lighting on September 25, 1995 in an inside sales/customer service position.  Jodi's background and education, BA Interior Design from The College of Mount St. Joe made her a very valuable asset to King Lighting at a time when we were growing rapidly. Jodi was moved into an outside sales position in 1999 to assume responsibility for Architects, Engineers, and Interior Design firms in the promotion of the manufacturers that we represent. Over the next 16 years, she became well recognized in our market as a hard working, competent, detail oriented, and committed addition to our growing agency. She has served the lighting community in many ways, including her involvement in our local IES Chapter, serving in every position including President.  Our growth and success is a tribute to the many fine team members that have been added over the last 24 years and the backbone of our continued success remains in our people. Jodi has provided us with 20+ years of loyal service and for that we are forever grateful. Now she has decided it's time to enjoy life with her husband,JB and her family. Rumor has it that plans may be under way in the future to relocate to SW Florida to be near  her children, and most of all her grandchildren,  and friends. Effective December 31, 2015 Jodi will transition to a well deserved retirement. She will be missed but not forgotten. Please join the King Lighting Team in wishing Jodi a long, healthy, and happy retirement!Please stay tuned for a celebration to be held in honor of Jodi's service to our market and industry.




Tom Crawford joined King Lighting on July 13, 1992 and brought to our organization a wealth of experience and knowledge that we desperately needed at that time. Tom was the first person hired by Gary and Mike shortly after the purchase of King Lighting from David King on February 12, 1992. Tom became the first of what would be many additions to our team. Our growth and success is a tribute to the many fine team members that have been added over the last 23 years. Although we've been tested, stretched, and bent, we have never broken, simply because the backbone of our success is in our people. Tom has provided us with 23 years of loyal service and for that we are forever grateful. Now he has decided it's time to enjoy life with his wife, Linda, his children, and most of all his grandchildren. Effective July 31, 2015 Tom will transition to a well deserved retirement. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please join the King Lighting Team in wishing Tom a long, healthy, and happy retirement!



Here are a few shots from Paul's retirement party! Enjoy!





A few words from Paul himself about his 45+ year career in the lighting business! Good men are hard to find and we will certainly miss this one!

As the saying goes,” Time waits for no Man”, it’s the same in the lighting business so after 45 years I am hanging up my light meter and I am going to retire. After serving my country with a tour of duty in the Air Force I went to work For Steber Lighting in 1969, a Division of Pyle National company in Chicago. Later it would be purchased by Hubbell lighting. After a while I moved my family to Cincinnati to work for Spaulding Lighting for three years, followed by the best move I didn’t make, [Working in the L A office for Spaulding] I spent the last 36 years working for 2 lighting agencies-Sales Associates selling about 20 lines of independent companies Metalux, Spero, and yes U-Do bug lights. The last 18 years of my career have been spent with King Lighting, Inc. selling about 60 lines, including the conglomerates, sophisticated Control products and of course a multitude of LED.
               The progress and change in the industry has been amazing to me! At the beginning I was selling 4 lamp T12 Troffers with Styrene lens for $20.00, and I spent my career changing Mercury Vapor HighBays to Metal halide, to T8, to T5, to LED where costs went from near $1000.00 at first to currently under $500.00 for a more improved generation product.
               Over all this time I have met and made good friends with a lot of good customers, great and near great factory people, and last but not least had the good fortune to work with the good bosses and co-workers at King lighting. Thank you all for making it an enjoyable experience!

Thank You,
Paul E. Polidori
King Lighting, Inc.
26 Spiral Drive
Florence Kentucky  41042
Office 859-261-5511
Cell 513-260-7420
Email: None required, I'm officially retired